Adventist Mountain Missions


Our Story

After being student missionaries in the Philippines for a year, Graye Parnell and Southern Adventist University student Seth Hill decided to find a real solution to a real need. Our organization is niche. We only work in the most remote mountainous regions around the world and recently also expanded to the most remote island territories around the world. Why? Because these places are largely overlooked. Organizations do not want to go to these areas because they require an abudance or resources and time not just to get to, but also to get supplies to. We work in areas that usually don’t have electricity, running water, and no connection to the outside world. The Seventh Day church has had a hard time getting to these areas due to the demand for huge financial investment. That’s where we come from. By working alongside pastors, laypastors, and missionaries, we can accomplish Gods work in these remote areas. Most of the locations where we operate require backpacking mountain ranges or taking several day boat trips over a rocky Sea. Our organization is started and run by young people who have a huge heart for service. Seth and I have always been very entrepreneurial and with that have a high level of purpose and drive and then reduce those to results and taking paths other peope don’t take. We are high energy, adventurous, and enthusiastic about every project we take on. There are numerous NGO’s, non profits, and charities around the world. But they don’t do what we do because of the high physical and financial resource Demand. Seth and I have a big vision for the organization and have a global vision for it. We want people who are in extremely remote mountainous and island regions to also experience the love of Jesus. We have a vision, and a plan to execute that vision. A global organization with a global perspective.